No Credit Insurance: Fast Online Loans Without Waiting

Although it is not easy to find credit without insurance , there are variants in Bulgaria for fast online loans. They offer fast credit without a guarantor, without collateral with a minimum of documents and easy and urgent without waiting. for more.

In principle, in order to give you credit, banks and financial companies have certain requirements, you need to meet important conditions. Most – are essential in terms of income and related contributions paid.

Benefits are charged and paid by the employer and are at the expense of the employer and the employees. In our country, the ratio of insurances between employer and employee is 60/40, the provision of workers is obligatory and universal.

Social security contributions are charged and deducted by all persons working under labor, civil or management and control contracts, self-employed persons in liberal professions, personal labor, etc. and are allocated by the respective institutions for the disabled persons.

Imported paid state benefits are a form of protection, a form of maintenance for the disabled. You see why it is difficult for banks to lend and loans without insurance.

In individual periods of life, everyone can become disabled or socially vulnerable; the causes are different: long-term illness, occupational accidents, occupational disease, disability, maternity, unemployment, certain age – old age when a pension is charged.

The received funds from the social security contributions are allocated to insurance funds: Pensions, Labor Accident and Occupational Disease, General Disease and Maternity, Unemployment.

Imported insurances guarantee payment by the social security system, ie they provide for the maintenance of the disabled persons in compliance with the exact rules, criteria and methods defined by the Social Insurance Act. The bodies that accumulate and allocate the funds from the social insurance are NSSI, NSSO and the Employment Agency. There are of course private companies, legal entities for additional health and pension insurance.

Social security payments create a certainty for insured persons in the event of certain events and risks. That’s what the creditors rely on: when they have granted credit to individuals, in the event of adverse circumstances and the inability to obtain permanent monthly income from the borrowers, they have the means to take up their maintenance and to repay without any disruption the withdrawn loans. A non-secured loan is a hard-to-reach loan.

Paid insurances provide security in terms of return on loans and reduce the likelihood of borrowers falling into arrears and stop paying. We will introduce you to offers of financial companies that provide loans without paid social security contributions.



  • Conditions for granting: You must be a Bulgarian citizen over 19 years of age, provide the requested information and cover minimum credit requirements.
  • Fast loan from 50 to 1300 leva a, credits up to minutes , approval up to 15 minutes.
  • Complete online application without attending an office, simplified procedure and receiving the money immediately after approval.
  • Credit without insurance and online credit without interest , you return as much as you have taken up to 400 leva, returned within 30 days.
  • Without guarantors and guarantors , no collateral.
  • 7 days a week, weekends and public holidays.
  • There are no hidden conditions and additional unknown costs.
  • You may receive an additional amount to an active loan, may extend the term, you may repay early without penalty.



  • Allowance conditions: be mature and have a proven income, no payroll is required.
  • Credisimo to pay – up to 600 BGN and repayment term from 15 to 3 days and Creditisimo plus up to 2500 BGN for 3 to 24 months.
  • Fully free application, you can opt-out, the application does not bind you with credit.
  • On-site throughout the country, online credit only against identity card with approval of 7 minutes, no day off.
  • Every first and fifth credit without interest and no fees up to 600 BGN returned for 30 days.
  • No guarantors or other collateral are required.
  • There are no unspecified clauses and vague texts and unknown costs.

Micro Credit

Micro Credit

  • Loan only against identity card, credit without proof of income , credit without insurance, you need to be an adult Bulgarian citizen.
  • Between 200 and 3300 leva.
  • You can request the credit online anytime of the day, you can call the national telephone or go to a convenient office of the company.
  • The interest is fixed for the whole loan period, depends on the amount of the amount and the period for which you will return it.
  • Repayment of equal weekly or monthly installments – from 9 to 48 weeks or from 3 to 12 months.
  • No collateral is required, no guarantors are sought.
  • Possibility to receive cash.
  • Service – by a personal credit consultant – you can pay for it at a convenient time and place for you, you can pay by bank transfer or in an office of the company.
  • A Certificate of Lack of Credit Loan is issued when you finish the loan.

City Cash WEEK

  • It is provided without a requirement for employment contract and paid insurance only against identity card and minimum administrative procedures.
  • You choose an amount of 200 to 3000 leva, your options set the repayment term from 9 to 43 weeks.
  • Apply with an online request and a scheduled appointment with a credit consultant, necessary documents – ID card.
  • Install payments directly to your credit consultant at convenient time and place or bank transfer.
  • You can refinance your credit with a higher amount if you meet the requirements of the company.

Max Credit – Max Plan

Max Credit - Max Plan

  • It is suitable for clients Bulgarian citizens or foreigners permanently resident in the country aged between 21 and 75, only an ID card is required.
  • You do not need to produce proof of your income and paid social security contributions.
  • The amount of the loan from 150 to 3 000 BGN is repaid in two-week installments – a maximum of 22.
  • There is a grace period of up to 14 days.
  • No guarantors are needed.
  • No additional fees or commissions.
  • Apply online, by phone, in an office of the company or in a convenient place for you.
  • You receive the money by bank or cash from an office of the company, you pay the contributions in the same way, you can also transfer to EasyPay, you receive a cash receipt or receipt for each repayment.
  • You can apply for a new loan before you repaid the previous one, you can refinance the loan if you need to read about the current state of the loan – you can get it.

Free Loan

  • Without requiring an employment contract and a non-contributory credit without proof of income, you may be unemployed or on maternity leave.
  • Amount up to 700 BGN and repayment term up to 45 days.
  • You receive the money as soon as you approve, the same day you apply, a bank account or a Easypayment cashier.
  • Credit for all, no collateral and guarantors.
  • There are no hidden conditions, additional fees, unjustified costs.